My Viewpoint Gallery Exhibit - "A Stroll Through the Trees" 

The eighteen images on this page comprise my solo exhibit, “A Stroll Through the Trees”, which showed at the Viewpoint Photographic Art Center in Sacramento between February 9 and March 5 , 2022. The exhibit featured matted photographs of some of my favorite locations in the oak covered hills of California. While matting on the images you see here is artificially created, I have done so in a way that I think closely matches what was seen on the walls if you were unable to visit the Viewpoint exhibit in person.

The exhibit showcased my interest in trees. Oak trees in particular, with their dendritic nature, and the varied ways they exhibit themselves based on topography, climate, sun angle, and other factors have always been favorite subjects. I have long worked at finding ways to depict them in the most realistic manner while, at the same time showing them as one of natures impressive works of art. The images are all monochrome and, in most cases, were captured by a camera that sees mostly in the infrared portion of the spectrum.  A few are also panoramas - several images taken side-by-side, sometimes in more than one row that are stitched together into one.  I do what I need (and enjoy) to get the effect I want.

I hope you were able to see the exhibit in person!  And I hope you enjoy my rendition the exhibit on this page.

My Viewpoint exhibit page is HERE

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