My Photography represents a good many of my life experiences. With very few exceptions, I can recall where I was physically and mentally; who I was with; whether I was hiking or on a road trip, traveling on business or pleasure; and other circumstances that led me to capture the image. And for each image, there is a background story to tell - sometimes short, and sometimes not. In most cases, I’ll make a specific effort - often a day’s journey - to drive, walk, or hike to a likely photo site, but in others, it’s serendipity - being at the right place, at the right time. Either way, it’s the experience that I enjoy, and it’s the experience that I love to capture.

My favored subject matter is generally landscapes, but I enjoy also capturing people and their cultures - both here in America and abroad - often as they are walking the streets, involved in their work, or enjoying their day. I have grown to prefer the tones and textures that black and white photography exhibits, but I am certainly not averse to color. While I process many of my captures with some artistic flair, I attempt to keep the essence of the image realistic, an accurate depiction of what I saw before me - what I experienced - as I took the picture.


A native of California, John Romie got his introduction to photography with purchase of a used SLR camera while a junior in high school. He developed in interest in landscape and nature photography and, in his early college years, he would print images for show and sale. The few that were sold were typically to female students in the dorm, who would write sappy words of love and encouragement on them and give them to their boyfriends. What happened to the images after that is unknown. A geologist by education, John’s professional career was primarily in site characterization and environmental cleanup and his photography during much of that time took second seat. Towards the latter years of his career though, and now in retirement, photography has again become a favorite pastime while traveling, during day trips along the coast or in the mountains and valleys, or while hiking in the hills near his home in northern California.

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Everything is for sale in printed form.  Let me know what you're interested in.  I do my own printing, up to about 17" x 22+" , because I'm picky about the result...

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